Do. Something.

It really was a crazy scenario.  
As I was sitting at this meeting listening to a social worker talk about the logistics of rescuing a child and breaking up a trafficking ring,
I started daydreaming...
a Hero Mom on a rampage. Storming into every unsavory place, protecting the innocent, punishing those involved like a momma bear.   I imagined myself picking a hotel or truck stop, being watchful after equipping myself with knowledge of all the things to look for and do… then taking a scary plunge through a door… and what did that actually look like?  
I mean really.  {insert rolling eye emoji here please}

and as this very smart compassionate person continued to talk in the background of my daydream, real case reality set in.
The reality of me. one person. doing all that was, of course, just too much.   Not realistic, or safe,  and completely inadequate in effecting real change for a group of people, or even one child.
But what could I really do?
The first time I was made conscious of the fact t…